Gabriel Mataleo

President Mataleo speaks about efforts that the Government of Aurora has made to improve on governmental organization and his aim to implement an multilateralist administration.

President Mataleo represented Willston for years before the collapse of the Kuma Regime before he reunited the people and founded the Republic of Aurora. Together with the current Administration, President Mataleo will expand the reach of Aurora's leadership and restore stability in our community.

In his leadership career, he has always been the fort front in promoting cross boarder cooperation, as well as empowering people to understand their rights to chance for their dream.

In his 6th consecutive years leading Aurora, he is expecting to further improve government communication efficiency, as well as promoting a more transparent and responsive administration.  


From Aurora to Concord

President Mataleo continues his work to bridge the gap between nations, further promotion cross boarder trades and cultural exchanges.


General Citizenship Application

General Citizenship Application has resumed and now open for registration.

Republic of Aurora

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